We welcome enquiries from anyone who wishes to talk about fostering one of our dogs. Fostering a dog is a very rewarding experience, you get to play a big part of saving that dog’s life.

We support you by:

  • Matching you to the needs of a Second Chance dog
  • Providing all the food, bedding, litter, other equipment
  • Covering the cost of veterinary care
  • Providing you with training and guides

We are grateful to all of our foster families and appreciate the time and financial commitment they put into caring for our Second Chance dogs.


Are you eligible to foster?

For the dog’s wellbeing and for your own peace of mind we do have some criteria that need to be met:

  • Your property must be fully fenced
  • There must be someone home at least some of the day
  • You will need to return the dog to us if someone wishes to home him or her permanently (unless you decide to adopt your foster dog yourself!)
  • You will need to allow us to visit to check on the dog’s health and wellbeing if required
  • You will need to get your landlord’s consent if you do not own your own home.


Can’t foster but want to help??  Here’s a link to our Givealittle page – it’s safe, quick and easy to support local dogs in need!

If you have any questions please contact Sinead on 021 277 7422 or email us on:

Find our Foster Form here: Click to download foster application.