2017 – 2018 Update

2017 to 2018 – An Update

We wish a happy new year to all our supporters, vets, volunteers, fosterers and adopters of Second Chance dogs 🎉

Thank you 🙏 for all you have done by supporting us and spreading the word about the rescue and welfare of homeless dogs in Tasman and Nelson.
A few highlights from 2017 include:
· Rehoming of 16 Second Chance dogs (as well as ensuring all vaccinations, registration, microchipping and neutering is completed for each dog), and support of multiple private re-homes 🏠

· Visiting the Nelson City Council pound on Christmas Eve 🎄 for the first time – made possible by the kindness of Doggy Daycare Nelson Ltd & Halifax Veterinary Centre collecting toys and gifts from supporters – thank you all!

· Particularly generous donations received to help with some very high vet costs including a private donation from a trust fund specifically for surgery – our grateful thanks 🙏😍

· The rehabilitation and rehoming of Hope. Hope was abandoned and left to fend for herself for months near Tapawera, thankfully eventually being caught by a dog warden.
Initially her terror was so great that she remained curled up in a ball and couldn’t move or make eye contact. It didn’t end there for her though – Hope had a life threatening emergency when she was spayed and after all that she’d gone thru, we nearly lost her 😥
Thankfully, with fantastic vet and foster care she pulled through.
Happily, Hope is now safe and loved, and enjoys curling up on her owner’s bed 
Thank you Tania for all you have done for this lovely girl – and for giving another Second Chance dog, Meg, a fantastic home as well!

One of the hardest parts of 2017 was losing one of our beautiful dogs, Pippa (previously called Whoopi).
Pippa was a shutdown terrified girl who came to us from the Tasman Pound. She was one of the most fearful dogs we’ve seen 
She slowly learnt about love 💕 and started developing trust through her foster family, our dog trainer Sue, and the support of some dedicated and caring Second Chance volunteers.
Sadly, after making huge progress in our care, Pippa had several grand mal seizures in August that she could not recover from and we had to make the heart-breaking decision to humanely euthanise her. We are so very glad that in the last few months of her short life she got her own family and received so much love. Dance free now Pippa 💙💚

To start 2018 off we are looking forward to our exhilarating fundraising event – Fly For Dogs! Scheduled for early this year, please contact us if you’d like to take part.

We would also like to share the wonderful news that our hardworking director, Sinéad delivered her beautiful baby son Lorcán on New Year’s Day . Congratulations Sinéad! You do realise that his fur won’t grow all over and you can’t crate-train him?  We’re so excited to welcome the next generation – and to keep on rescuing dogs that need it!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to another year together! 🐕